Artistry in Engineering: Precision Meets Performance

TCI has a reputation in deploying next generation activations and installed experiences. This takes a team that understands the complexities that come with integrating large and advanced structures. Our team consists of Rigging experts and Project managers that come from the touring and large-scale events world. We have hand selected top tier talent to represent our advanced engineering and logistics needs.


At TCI we believe that precision is more than just a guideline, it’s our signature. We deeply understand the unique nature of each project, delving into the fine details of design requirements. Every aspect, including dimensions, materials, structural integrity, and performance specifications, is considered and addressed, ensuring a result that is thoughtfully crafted.

The Fine Art of Efficiency: Our Solutions

The team at TCI takes pride in engineering designs that go beyond precision; they are the conception of efficiency and effectiveness together mixed with creative vision and storytelling. Our commitment and goal is to deliver solutions that exemplify optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability for you and your brand. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, we strive to create designs that maximize functionality while minimizing waste.

From Concept to Completion: Comprehensive Design Services

Our repertoire spans a broad spectrum of applications, from multimedia integration, LED video walls to interactive installations and experiential environments. We collaborate with you from the initial score – the concept, through to the final note – the implementation, understanding your requirements and tuning our designs to your project goals. With careful attention, our intent is to meet and, with luck, even outdo your expectations to create the most stunning and engaging marketing solutions for your brand mission.

The Creative Minds: Our Team

Our team, seasoned in the art of engineering, brings a deep understanding of engineering principles and current practices. They continually fine-tune their skills, keeping pace with advancements in engineering technology and methodologies. With an exceptional eye for detail and a knack for solving complex engineering puzzles, they provide innovative and reliable solutions tailored to your project's needs.

Join Hands with Craftsmen of Precision Engineering

As your trusted partner in engineering design, here at TCI we infuse precision and efficiency into every project. Be it multimedia integration, LED video walls, or other unique tech-driven solutions, our engineering expertise ensures your vision takes form with flawless precision. Let's discuss your engineering needs today and experience the difference of our meticulous attention to detail as we bring your project to life.


Elevate your brand to new heights with our expert digital signage solutions. Let us transform your displays into captivating brand experiences that engage and inspire your audience. Tapping into their human senses and taking them on an absolute journey. With our modern and innovative approach to digital signage, your brand will shine like never before. Gear up to leave an indelible mark and make a lasting impact with TCI’s creativity with digital signage.


Our team’s passion for creativity and obsession with attention to detail can turn any event or brand experience into an immersive masterpiece that captivates your audience like never before.